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Founder :

Here is person whose name is spoken with reverence. His name is closely interwoven with the upliftment of the society. He is perfect role model who has contrived a number of business He has been an instrumental person in shaping the lives of many. Two decades of untiring and strenuous efforts has lifted him from an BPCL dealer to a multifaceted personality in the field of education. As the Founder of Sri Saradha Matric Sri Saradha High School, Akchara Bala Bhavan, Sri saradha I.T.I, Sri Saradha Institutes of Teacher Education B.Ed., Sri Saradha Transport, Saradha Petrol Bunk Etc.,

He Says ............

If I can awaken in children
A Sence of beauty
A Joy in truth
An admission of ignorance
A thirst for knowledge
I am fulfilled ............

A disciplinarian who inculcates noble thoughts in children is none other than Shri. K.K. Rajhagopalan the Founder of Sri Saradha Charities & endowments. He sails from a small village, Kalyanagiri with school education at Belur, higher education of Govt. College, Salem and Trichy National College . His wife Mrs. K.R. Nalina Rajhagopalan the co-founder was a great support to him and helped him to reach his goal. They were blessed with one daughter who is now the correspondent of the college.

Sri Saradans salute the simple and laborious man who rose from BPCL dealer to this great height.

Co – Founder :
Tmt. A.R. Somiyadevi MA., MBA is a daughter of Thiru. K.K. Rajagopalan. She has been brought up by Thiru. K.K. Rajagopalan and Tmt. Nalina Rajagopalan in well manner. They have given her good Education and made her in master Education and business Administration. She got married with an Engineer by name T. Karthikeyan B.E Thiru. P.W. Meharotra, D.G.M. Bank of Baroda, Deputy General Manager, Regional Office, Tamilnadu spoke", I am really feeling proud to say that Tmt. A.R. Sowmiyadevi Karthikeyan is the best talented Administrator of the Sri Saradha Educational Institutions".

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Mr. Indira Kumar achieved Ist place at state level in feathering ball competition.

The whole responsibility depends only on the teachers to make the students to be good citizens of the India. A teacher lights the knowledge in the life of the students. If we make a good teacher, it is equal to teaching for 100 students. To enrich the Institution of Sri Saradha College of Education, after my keen analysis, I laid foundation for all the needs of the basic facilities. It is a great merit, that most experienced principal and all the other well knowledged and hard working Asst. Professors are available in this Sri Saradha College of Education.

Equality of Educational opportunity has brought in, to wake the change in the nature of the students economic, intellectual and cultural levels. College is a social Institution which should present ideal form of community it represents. For every student we record the qualities of general knowledge, acquiring knowledge, practical capability, social and citizen activities, expression, service motive, co-operation, health progress, trusts of personality, character firmness, leadership, industriousness, self confidence, self control, sociability and presence of mind.
Finally I wish to say", If a problem arise, after deep thinking and a long consideration, everybody owns take good decision".

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