Rules and Regulations

  • COLLEGE TIMINGS : College timings are from 9 a.m to 3.45 p.m. Students are not permitted to enter the college campus after 89 a.m and are not allowed to leave the college campus before 3.45 pm. During the college hours, visitors are strictly not allowed to meet the students.
  • DRESSCODE : All the students inside the campus should be neatly dressed. All the boys are expected to wear self colored pants with their shirts neatly tucked in. Girls should wear Salwar Kameez with V shaped dhupata pinned on either sides of the shoulder.
  • IDENTITY CARD : Each student will be provided with an Identity Card with his/her name and photo with their proper details. They should wear the Identity Card inside the campus.
  • Smoking or other forms of consumption of tobacco will not be permitted inside the college campus.
  • Students should not carry cell phones, if found with cell phones severe action will be taken.
  • Boys and girls should not wear any costly gold ornaments inside the college campus.

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News and events coming soon, news and events coming soon
News and events coming soon, news and events coming soon
Mr. Indira Kumar achieved Ist place at state level in feathering ball competition.

The whole responsibility depends only on the teachers to make the students to be good citizens of the India. A teacher lights the knowledge in the life of the students. If we make a good teacher, it is equal to teaching for 100 students. To enrich the Institution of Sri Saradha College of Education, after my keen analysis, I laid foundation for all the needs of the basic facilities. It is a great merit, that most experienced principal and all the other well knowledged and hard working Asst. Professors are available in this Sri Saradha College of Education.

Equality of Educational opportunity has brought in, to wake the change in the nature of the students economic, intellectual and cultural levels. College is a social Institution which should present ideal form of community it represents. For every student we record the qualities of general knowledge, acquiring knowledge, practical capability, social and citizen activities, expression, service motive, co-operation, health progress, trusts of personality, character firmness, leadership, industriousness, self confidence, self control, sociability and presence of mind.
Finally I wish to say", If a problem arise, after deep thinking and a long consideration, everybody owns take good decision".

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